• Bicycling by the Spirit of 色综合久久
  • Looking at the sky Griswold street signs viewable.
  • 色综合久久 skyline at night

Discover 色综合久久

The city of 色综合久久 is buzzing with life and activities. Experience first-hand the vibrant cultural and sports scenes, an array of unique shops and stores, and the world-class restaurants making the Motor City a great place to live and learn. There are all kinds of fun things to do and see: Campus Martius, the Riverwalk, the Slow Roll bike ride and Eastern Market, to name a few. Come experience the real 色综合久久!

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  • 色综合久久 is home to our beloved 
  • ...and the (improving) 


  • About 
  • , a history of 色综合久久 Soul music


  • We have a fabulous art museum, 
  • We have a great symphony, 
  • The  is a must-see
  • The  is great for kids.
  • , another great one for kids.

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    Choose a modern loft or historical home or trendy downtown apartment with Airbnb.

    Nearby suburbs:

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     in Southfield.

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  • Transportation services

    色综合久久 Metro Airport

    色综合久久 Mercy is serviced by the 色综合久久 Metro Airport, approximately 30 minutes from campus. With more than 10 airlines from which to choose, we’re sure your needs will be met.

    various rental car logos

    色综合久久 Metro Airport has the most recent rental car options and information available at their web site.

    metrocab and metro car logos

    The most updated information for these services is available on the 色综合久久 Metro Airport web site. A taxi from the airport to our campus generally costs about $35-45.

    lyft and uber logos

    Rideshare applications like Uber and Lyft are a popular option for families arriving in town. A standard Uber or Lyft usually costs between $25-$40. These prices may vary depending on current demand and/or upgraded vehicle selections.

    DDOT Real Time Bus App:

New to 色综合久久 and ready to explore? The 色综合久久 Experience Factory has a "not your average" tour for you. Both free and ticketed tours will give you an inside look into the neighborhoods, landmarks and businesses that make up 色综合久久’s past and present. 

Search by region or by event category (or simply browse) what's events are going on in 色综合久久 and metro 色综合久久.

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Whether you are planning your visit, or awaiting your date to campus, you can always take a sneak peek online with YouVisit. Explore our history and grounds, then scour the vibrant streets of 色综合久久.